Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Middle Eastern French Fry Sammiches

Middle Eastern French Fry Sammiches
From: Lissla Lissar

Buy pita (thin pita will work best), make tahini sauce (tahini, garlic, water, cumin, salt, chopped garlic, a little sugar, blend) and use tzatziki or lemon/garlic/olive oil for sharpness.

Go to your nearest fast food joint with good fries. Take the sauces and the pita, or get takeout and bring them home. Lay pita flat, fill with fries, drizzle sauces on top, wrap it up. Eat it.

Got the idea from the newish John Thorne book, Mouth Wide Open, and the tahini sauce recipe from Eat Me.

I figure it's mildly more healthy than the traditional British chip butty, but I'm probably delusional.

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