Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jynxster's Brussels Sprout Recipe

Jynxster's Brussels Sprout Recipe

From: Jynxster

Cut off stub end and throw away.
Cut sprout in halves.
Chop up some onion
Brown some pine nuts it about 1/4 tbsp of buttah, set aside.
Melt 1/2 a stick of buttah in a fry pan.
Add chopped onion to pan
Place brussel sprouts face down in the buttah and onions
Put heat on medium high
Leave it alone for 8 minutes or so.
Check in to see if you need to add more buttah (I always add at least another 1/4). Brussel sprouts should start to looked burned, thats the way you want them.
Remove cover and continue to cook to your taste consistency.
Serve with pine nuts.
Die of a heart attack because you just consumed most of a stick of butter in one sitting.

Skewered Brussels Sprouts a la flytrap

Skewered Brussels Sprouts a la flytrap
from: carnivorousplant

Steam the sprouts in the microwave for three minutes so you can get them on a skewer.
Marinate ten of the above sprouts with two cloves of garlic, a marble sized piece of ginger, chopped green onions, olive and sesame oil while the ribs cook.
Skewer the sprouts, alternating with bacon.
Grill until charred all over.