Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Super Speedy Supper Soup

Super Speedy Supper Soup
From: taxi78cab

2 cans chicken broth (or 1-32 oz box)
1/2 bag (30 oz) frozen hash browns (the kind that are just shredded potatoes, no butter, oil, or other additives) or 1-16 oz bag
1 can creamed corn
1 bag frozen, mixed veggies
Kielbasa (just use as much as you want... I had maybe 3/4 lb), chopped into bite-sized pieces
salt and pepper to taste

Bring chicken broth to a boil in a large pot. Add potatoes and corn. Boil for 5-10 min or until the potatoes are soft. If you want it thicker, take a stick blender and blend up some of the potatoes so the starch thickens it. Or leave it as it is. It's tasty either way.

Add in the frozen veggies and kielbasa and bring to a boil. Taste and adjust salt and pepper as necessary. I liked it better with a lot of fresh-ground pepper, but that's just me. Serve!

Takes less than 20 min from start to finish with no prep work other than cutting up the kielbasa. And it's not too unhealthy with all those veggies. Use less sausage to make it lower in fat. And low-sodium broth so it's not too salty. Good flavor. I'm keeping this recipe around for quick weeknight dinners.

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