Monday, May 23, 2011

Dead-easy Chicken and Rice

Dead-easy Chicken and Rice
(A variation on Death Chicken, as it turns out...)
From: gotpasswords

The original recipe is one cup of rice* one cup water and 2 cans cream-of-_____ soup. The old standard is c-o-mushroom, but c-o-chicken works well, or even c-o-broccoli. Mix that together in a 9x13 pan then lay on chicken parts. Season the chicken (I usually use lemon pepper and salt) and bake at 350 for 75 minutes.

* You need a "normal" rice like Uncle Ben's Converted. Do not use instant unless you want savory rice pudding, and Calrose / Japanese type rice will come out crunchy. I don't know that instant would really result in something like rice pudding - it would probably just make gloop.

I normally use nothing but Hinode Calrose at home, but this dish is the only thing I buy Uncle Ben's for. The only other refinement to the recipe that I do is to lop off the globs of fat that are usually left on thighs these days and to cut off the tails. Otherwise, when it's done cooking, you'll have a quarter-inch layer of liquid chicken fat on top of the rice.

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