Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wifey's Pear Salad

Wifey's Pear Salad
From: Bumbazine

Gather together your usual salad greens.
throw in a big handful of dried cranberries.
throw in a handful of chopped nuts. Pecans or walnuts are good, but we've been using hazelnuts 'cause they grow 'em around here.
Toss in some bits of goat's cheese. It can be gooey and hard to 'crumble', but break it up as best you can.
Quarter a nice, ripe pear, Bartlett or D'anjou would be good, then slice thinly into the salad. You can peel it first or not. We don't.
Dress with a nice sweet dressing. We like Raspberry Walnut Vinigarette best for this, or Ken's Steak House Vidalia Onion.

That's it. Best salad ever.

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