Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pepper Jelly with Cream Cheese

Pepper Jelly 'n Cream Cheese
from swampbear

From swampy's account of his 2013 4th of July celebration:

"Besides a feast of ribs 'n chikin, baked beans, corn sallit, coleslaw and watermelon we had munchies that consisted of pickled asparagus (homemade and YUM!), chikin sallit made with pee-kahns and cranberries (also tres YUM!), and pepper jelly with cream cheese. Don't know as I've ever explained pepper jelly 'n cream cheese before but it is one of those quintessential of all southern USA horseoveries. It's just like it sounds. A block of cream cheese with pepper jelly spread over the top. One takes a butter knife, whacks off some cream cheese 'n pepper jelly and slaps it on top of whatever kind of cracker floats yer boat. Pepper jelly done right is a combo of spicy and sweet and cream cheese just sets it off. One of the nummiest of nummies evah! So, good company, good drink (beerverages and Jell-O shooters), good food and a good time for all."

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