Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crock Pot Beast Loaf

Crock Pot Beast Loaf
From: VunderBob

In response to my request, Bobbio writes:

GT, dear, I am ashamed to say there's no special recipe or trick to Crock Pot Beast Loaf. You should be able to do your favorite recipe without much modification. The important part of this discovery is the method, not the ingredients.

I made an ordinary meatloaf for me, although it was a big bigger than usual. As a matter of form, here is the recipe I did, inspired by one I saw on Allrecipes, but definitely my own.

2 1/2 lbs beast loaf mix
1 lb hamburger
2 aigs
1 cup panko
~ 2 t meat tenderizer
Dehydrated chopped onion to suit
~2 t powdered onion
salt and pepper to suit
1 small can tomato sauce, divided

(would have used onion soup mix instead of the dehydrated onion, but didn't have any) Mix everything well, saving out 1/2 of the 'mater sauce. Form into a loaf that fits your cooker. If you don't have a rack for the bottom to hold the loaf up, clean and halve 2-3 onions and put them in the bottom to keep the loaf out of the grease. Set the cook temperature for medium, and let it go for about 3 hours. Loaf is done when the internal temperature hits 165.

When the thermometer gets to about 150, put the remaining half of the 'mater sauce over the top and continue cooking.

The result was very moist and not greasy in the least. Just the way I like it.

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