Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prime Rib Soup (or Prime RLB, you pick!)

Prime Rib Soup
From: Taters

On why the RLB. You might have to click on the thread and go up a few posts to get the joke....

Make stock or broth with big rack from the big prime rib roast. I leave all the meat in between the bones and all that yummy caramelized goodness on. In the stock, I toss in a couple of bay leaves, onion, and celery leaves, along with some pepper.

I also toss in the the lovely gelatin that forms under the fat from the drippings because the flavor is so concentrated. Since I had a big 12 quart pot this year, I did add a carton of beef stock and a little bit from a carton of beef broth. The rest was water to fill the pot up and cover the bones.

Let the stock/broth simmer for a good long time.

When it's done, remove the bones pick off the meat and toss it back into the stock pot. Since I still had left over roast, I added some of that meat too.

I then sweat some celery, onion and carrots and add them to the broth. I let it go for awhile until the veggies are almost done, and add some barley. I let it go again until the barley is pretty close to done, and add egg noodles.

Some years I add peas or corn, but this year I didn't.

The soup always receives rave reviews and this year's stock was especially dark and rich. I had enough left over to actually do two 8 quart pots of soup, so I put the stock for the second pot of soup in the freezer.

It helps that the prime rib roast I buy is preseasoned and marinated and I haven't found a roast yet that beats this one.

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