Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Appie recipe

Appie recipe
From: Flutterby

red bell peppers (or if you like a bit of bite, jalapenos)
block of plain cream cheese

Slice off the top and de-seed the peppers. If using bells, slice into about thumb width 'fingers'. If using jalapenos, slice in half and deseed. Open package of cream cheese. Slice off some, cut in half, and place on the peppers, munching some as you go. Cut the package of bacon in half and wrap each pepper finger in a slice of bacon. Feed the dog a slice of bacon, being careful not to let him have your fingers. If need be, pin the bacon on to the pepper with a toothpick. Eat whatever peppers and cream cheese that have not been wrapped in bacon.

Cook in the oven (at about 350), on the BBQ or over a fire (just make sure you have a grill over it). Cook until bacon is done, turning so they don't stick to the pan or catch on fire.


Be prepared to make more.

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