Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Schoolhouse Coffee Cake (Link)

Schoolhouse Coffee Cake

Shared by: Lissla Lissar
From: Pleasant View Schoolhouse Blog

LiLi says that you can replace part of the milk with silken tofu. And also: "...I have right now a coffee cake topped with pecans sitting in my kitchen. It's a very adaptable recipe. It would be good with almond extract, sliced almonds, and marzipan, or probably with applesauce added, or maybe lemon peel and a lemon icing drizzled over... I'll stop now. I like that cake. It takes ten minutes to put together, lasts for days, and you can play with the ingredients."

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GT said...

Made this during the holidays with pecans. Yum. Although I think it would be better with fruit because it was the slightest bit too dry. I'll be baking another one soon using fruit (peaches and blueberries, if you must know) and actually using a mixer). Further updates as baking happens.