Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie II and III (also with link)

Chicken Pot Pie II and III
From: taxi78cab

Follow-up from the discussion that led me to post the first recipe.

"BooFae, if you want easy chicken pot pie, just combine cooked, cubed chicken, a bunch of frozen veggies (the mixed carrots, peas, corn variety is good here), and a can of cream of chicken soup in a pan. Add milk to get the right consistency on the sauce. Cook just enough to heat through. Put in a casserole/baking pan and top with either a premade frozen pie crust or biscuits (i.e. raw biscuit dough). Bake at ~350-375 until the pie crust or biscuits are cooked. Easy. My husband does prefer the made-from-scratch variety (like Rebo's recipe) so I don't do this easy version much any more, but it does work and is quick and easy. If you want a variation, these tarragon polenta chicken pot pies are wonderful. (I usually make that recipe in one big pan instead of little individual dishes like the recipe calls for.)"

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