Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grilled N.O.T. And Other Stuff

Grilled N.O.T. And Other Stuff
From: swampbear

2-3 pounds of N.O.T. peeled or not and cut in chunks. Y'all know what a chunk is.

1 large bell pepper cut in chunks

1 or 2 largish sweet onions cut in chunks

The operative word here people is chunks.

1 stick of butter, or if you must margarine.

Whazzizhere AKA Worcestershire Sauce

Make a pouch out of heavy duty aluminum foil. Do I have to explain what I mean? Ok, but if you don't know, you really should not be allowed around anything sharper than a butter knife. Take two pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil and crisscross 'em. Pile the N.O.T., peppers and onions in the middle. Slice the butter and lay it all over the top and sprinkle generously with the Whazzizhere Sauce. Seal 'em up. Then wrap the other piece of foil up.

Place on a very hot grill. I didn't mention firin' up the grill ahead of time but then again you all should have known to do this already. Sheesh People!

Close the lid on your grill and leave it alone for thirty minutes. I mean it! Don't lift that lid! Don't even think about it.

Just so y'all know, I prefer yukon gold N.O.T. cause they cook up all nice and tender. Plus the boogers are tasty!

Thus endeth today's cookin' lesson.

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