Thursday, June 5, 2008


From: Nava

Cheap red wine, one liter. The pseudo wine that goes in cartons works. Don't bother using the good stuff, it's not worth it.
The juice of one or two Navel oranges (depending on their size), or of two Navelinas.
Opt. the juice of half a lemon.
As much soda water (Casera if you can get it) as juices, in volume (it can be less, specially if you're adding liquor).
Opt. half a glass of brandy, white herbal liquor or rhum (about 1/3 what the total juices were in volume). This option is most often used by people who are also adding the lemon.
Let it stand in the fridge to cool.
Rinds, ice, glazed sugar on the edge of the jar, etc. added as decoration before serving, to taste.

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