Friday, June 13, 2008

Tortilla individual

Tortilla individual
Meaning omelette, not the ones for tacos. Sized for one. For two you can use the same pan, but two eggs.
From: Nava

"Tortilla francesa": in a single-egg-sized pan, pour a bit of oil. While it heats on the fire, scramble an egg with a dash of salt. When the oil is hot, pour off to your general oil jar as much of it as you can. Put it back on the fire, pour the scrambled egg in. Use a fork to fold it over itself as it gets done. If you like your omelette "soft," just fold it a couple times and turn it over once so it's solid enough to fork it over to the plate without pouring egg all over the countertop; if you like it "brick hard," give it a couple turns patting it with the fork.

"Tortilla de...": as above, only you add a chopped-up extra ingredient to the scrambled egg, either before pouring it to the pan or sprinkling it after pouring. Most newbies tend to put too much of the extra when they mix it beforehand. Common extras are canned tuna, chorizo, meltable cheese, mushrooms... If your extra is tiny bits of several veggies (no potato) it's called "tortilla Juliana;" there's also a "sopa Juliana" which is your basic veggies (no potato) soup with the veggies chopped up in tiny bits.

If you have bread of kinds similar to baguette or ciabatta, a sandwich made with one of these tortillas (whole, they are the right shape for a Spanish barra) makes a great lunch for someone on the go.

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