Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to make a beaver cake

How to make a beaver cake
From VunderBob

1 chocolate cake mix, with additional ingredients from back of box
2 pound cake mixes, with additional ingredients.
2 cans chocolate frosting
1 can butter cream frosting.
1 tube black decorator's icing
1 tube white decorator's frosting
1 Easter egg cake mold
1 set of cake decorator sugar eyeballs
1 set of cake decorator dog bones

Mix and bake chocolate per directions in a 13X9 pan. This will become the base of the cake.

The mold pan set specified use of a dense cake such as a pound cake, so that's what we did. I originally wanted a chocolate cake to go with the base, and may try it with something else in the future. Anyways, the directions on the mold specified 5-1/2 cups of batter, and one mix yields 4, hence 2 mixes.

Make the pound cake batter as directed on the box, and follow the directions on the mold regarding filling and bake time. Let all cakes cool thoroughly before assembling and decorating.

Remove the sheet cake from the pan, and set it on the base you want. Next, get a big knife and cut off the pound cake that extends up and out of the molds, making each flush with the mold sides. Use frosting to glue the halves of the egg together, and use something like a bamboo skewer to pin everything together. Cut off the wider end of the egg so that it will stand on the sheet cake base, using more frosting as glue. Retain the cut off piece.

Once everything is stable, fashion a couple of lumps of cake from the cut off portion of the same size to use as arms, and glue/pin them on the body about halfway up. A third lump becomes the muzzle, and two more, smaller lumps for the ears on the top. Once you are satisfied with placement, frost the beaver body with the chocolate frosting.

Use the black tube frosting to draw in details such as the ears and nose. Apply the eyes. Take two of the dog bones cut off the ends, and shave one end of each so they resemble buck teeth. Apply them under the muzzle, and draw the mouth around them with the black frosting.

Frost the base with the butter cream, then use the remaining chocolate to draw a beavertail behind. If you want the rabid touch, use the white tube to make foam around the mouth.

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