Friday, May 2, 2008

Those Friggin' Good Potatoes

Those Friggin' Good Potatoes*
From: Swampbear

I made an executive decision regarding N.O.T. for supper tonight. Instead of bakin' 'em I did my microwave version which is to wit:

Some N.O.T. peeled and sliced.
A couple of onions peeled and sliced.
Some butter (deal!)
Worcestershire Sauce AKA Whazzizhere sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

In a microwave proof dish, begin with a layer of N.O.T., then a layer of onions. Sprinkle on a little salt and pepper and whazzizhere sauce. Then another layer of N.O.T. and onions, a little more salt and pepper and whazzizhere sauce. Glop some pats of butter on top. How much I leave to you, I don't judge. Cover with plastic wrap and zap about 20 minutes on high. The N.O.T. and onions should be fork tender. If they ain't, zap a few minutes more. You might need a little less than twenty minutes or a little more than twenty minutes. I have no idea what your microwave does so it's up to you to do it right. You're all adults. Yes, even you. You're an adult too!

Serve with a generous glop of sour cream.

If you must you can also bake 'em in the oven. Just leave off the plastic wrap (duh!) and bake for about forty minutes at around 325 Amurrkin. Again you may need a little more or a little less time dependin' on your oven. See adult comments above.

*Original recipe was named "Microwave N.O.T" Tater's husband re-named them to "Those Friggin' Good Potatoes"

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