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Deviled Egg Extravaganza

Deviled Egg Extravaganza
from: sahirrnee, FairyChatMom, freckafree, AprilR, anyrose, swampbear, Yllaria, Spiderman

Post 50 in this MMP had all kinds of deviled-egg discussion. (I think it actually started with FCM mentioning that she wanted to make colored deviled eggs, but I can't find that post.) I've copied in all the follow-up comments I could find.

Colored Devil Eggs
from sahirrnee

I'm not going to type out the whole recipe because the deviled part sounds yukky.

Anyway hard boil and peel your eggs like normal.
Cut in half and set the yolks aside.

Fill wide glasses or coffee mugs 2/3 with water, add three drops of food coloring and 1/4 tsp vinegar.
Put the egg whites in and allow them to sit until they are the desired color.
Take them out and let them drain on paper towels.

Then make your usual filling and stuff.

Their filling called for just mayo or a 50/50 mayo/miracle whip.

My filling is mayo, yellow mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper.
About 1 tsp of mustard to 3 Tbls of Mayo, salt and pepper and mix to the right consistency adding little bits of mayo or mustard as needed to taste and to get the right consistency,
Then I add a little apple cider vinegar for a bit of a bite.

Comment from FairyChatMom:
sari - I found that same recipe when I searched yesterday evening - not on facebook, since I don't use that, but still. In fact, the one I saw posted recommended using the neon food coloring, which I'll probably do.

My deviled eggs have mayo, mustard, vinegar, pickle relish, and onion salt. When I take them to Mom's, I'll have the whites (pastels?? ) in one container and the filling in a plastic bag. I'll cut off the corner of the plastic bag and squoosh out the filling into the egg halves after I get there. Not near as messy as trying to carry a tray of prepared eggs on a 2+ hour car trip.

Comment from freckafree:
How can you have deviled eggs that don't contain mustard and vinegar?!?? If they aren't "deviled" with something sharp-tasting or spicy, they're just stuffed eggs!

Comment from April R:
My deviled eggs always had dill relish in them and a sprinkle of paprika on top, but other than that basically the same as yours minus the apple cider vinegar.

Comment from anyrose:
I mash the yolks with mayo and cayenne and parsley

Comment from swampbear:
I use dill relish in my deviled aigs too Apes. Also just a little bit of honey.

Comment from Yllaria:

My Mom's deviled eggs were always mayo and pickle relish, sometimes with an extra dash of pickle water. I've never settled on a My Recipe for deviled eggs. They're different every time. It amuses me to mix in, or top with, that cheap caviar. Eggs in/on eggs. But it's never worked out well enough to be My Recipe.

Comment from Spiderman:
As for deviled eggs, anyone making deviled egg chicks?

And, because it was apparently the week for deviled eggs in the world, here's a tweet from Ari Shapiro, (NPR reporter) recommending using street celery shrub in deviled eggs.

And...the recipe FCM used. She reports she "bought neon food coloring that had pink, purple, blue, and green."

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