Saturday, June 29, 2013

Syrian Chicken

Syrian Chicken
from janis_and_c0

Gather around me, chilluns and I will tell ye of the Syrian Chicken.
First of all ye must have the chicken pieces, as many as will feed ye family, thawed well. Then ye must have the butter, athough the margarine will do. And ye must apply the pot to the fire, and melt the butter, and put the garlic into it. and the garlic should be chopped fine, and should be about half a bulb's worth. And when ye have the garlic butter, then it is time for the adding of the chicken. And the chicken shall be sauteed until brown-ish on the outside, but not too long. The chicken is removed from the pot, and the fire shall be dwindled to about medium. And the can of Tomato paste is added. and a cup of water that is hot and more cinnimon that ye think should go in there, at least a spoonsfull, and the salt and the pepper. Still the pot well. Add the chicken and the potatoes that have been chopped. Cover with water, and let the fire cook until the chicken is all cooked. And ye can add a bag of vegatables, if ye desire.  

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