Monday, November 17, 2008

All About Collards (Links)

Sauteed Collard Greens
Shared by: Ellen Cherry
From: Gourmet Magazine, via Epicuriuos

Paula Deen's Recipe
Shared by: Ellen Cherry
From: The Food Network

Alton Brown's Recipe
Shared by: Dolores Reborn
From: The Food Network

Advice from swampbear:
"The secret is a combo of two things. First, you need a ham hock or some chunks of ham. Not huge chunks. Collards need that for seasonin'. Second, use a little over a tsp of sugar. Yep. Sugar. I start the water with the sugar and ham hock or ham chunks and get the water hot, but not boilin'. Then I put the greens in a handful at a time and stir 'em in so they wilt. Once all the greens are in, I let 'em simmer 'til done. About forty-five minutes ought to do it. Also, I cook 'em the night before and reheat before servin'. Collards are one of those things that's better if they're cooked then reheated before servin', IMO. Anywho, they're never bitter with that method. That little bit o' sugar helps with the bitterness but doesn't add a sweet taste."

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