Friday, November 14, 2008

Endive Salads

Endive Salads
From: Nava

For salad, Mom makes one with *checks out Google images* endives, I think the ingredients would travel well and the salad itself takes a very short time to whip up. She buys trays of 2-3 endives.
Option one:
Take the two outer leaves from each endive, put a bit of cream cheese on each, arrange artfully on big plate. Cut the endives in quarters along their axis, then each quarter in half against the long axis. Put some cream cheese on each. Arrange over the bottom leaves. Sprinkle pieces of ham and hard-boiled egg. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze half a lemon over the salad.
Option two, aka "YUCK Philadelphia!":
Do the "flower" thingee. Chop up the endives. Toss the chopped-up endives with pieces of ham, medium-aged cheese and hard-boiled egg. Place the toss-up over the flower. Squeeze half a lemon over it. Tell the guy who complains about cheese that he can pick it out or go to a restaurant (ours isn't lactose intolerant, just picky).

To make sure that the eggs are boiled Just-So (Mom doesn't believe me, but for some reason *my* eggs are never runny and never greyed):
Place the eggs in the pot you'll use to boil them. Pour cold water. Add a spoonful of salt, don't be afraid to oversalt it cos you basically can't. Put to boil. Time starts counting, not when you see bubbles, not when it's boiling hard, but when the bubbles are just big enough to start moving up, and it's 8 minutes (9 in Huesca or Colorado)

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