Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baked salmon

Baked salmon
From: Nava

You need:
an oven,
a whole salmon, cleaned and de-spined ("like a book"),
an oven pan or a cocotte. If you're using a cocotte, you can skip the oil.
oil and lemon

While the oven heats, pour some oil into your recipient, just enough to keep the salmon from sticking. It will start letting water out after a while, so you don't need to drown it. If it's a cocotte, you can squeeze half the lemon instead.

Lightly salt the inside of the salmon. Close it. If you're feeling fancy, mark some cuts where you expect to cut the portions and stick slices of lemon in there. Place it in the recipient. Squeeze the (rest of the) lemon over it. If it's a cocotte, close it (yeah yeah, so I do know people who thought the lid was for decoration).

When the oven's hot, put it in.

When it smells good, it's done! (Depending on the size of the salmon and whether it was a pan or a cocotte, it will vary between 25' and 45', at least in Mom's oven).

Temperatures aren't given because I have no idea what temperature we use, my oven just has non-temperature numbers and I don't have the manual. It's the same setting as for chicken or a slightly lower one.

Salmon with orange: the same, using orange instead of lemon.

Salmon with shrimp: ditto, with peeled shrimp inside the salmon.

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