Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Most Awesome Chicken Nuggets Ever

The Most Awesome Chicken Nuggets Ever
From: pprgrl

Chicken Breasts (however many you need. I usually used one or two, but I'm used to cooking for one).
Italian dressing
Vigo Parmesan Breadcrumbs
An egg or two (well, probably more if you're cooking for more than one)
Olive oil

Cut your chicken boobs* into nugget-sized chunks. Dump some Italian dressing into a ziplock baggie until it's about half full. Throw your chicken boob chunks in there, and let it ride in the fridge for a day or two. Or, if you're frugal like me, buy a whole mess of chicken boobs at once, prep a bunch of baggies like this and freeze any you aren't planning to eat right away.

The next day, take your chicken boob chunks out of the fridge. Put 'em between a couple of sheets of wax paper and hammer 'em out a bit. They don't need to be super thin like for Chicken Parmesan, but you want them a little thin. Get a frying pan out, and dump at least a finger's depth of olive oil in there. Warm it up on medium heat while you do the next bit.

Smash your eggs into a bowl and dip those suckers in. You can thin out the egg wash with a little milk if you like, but it's good both ways. Dump a whole mess of Vigo Parmesan Breadcrumbs in a shallow dish, and crust those suckers. Then do a second dunk in your egg wash, and crust 'em in the breadcrumbs again. The second crust is vital, let me tell you. As soon as you pull those suckers out of the second crusting, chuck 'em in your pan of olive oil. Let 'em sizzle for about four minutes, until they're brown on the bottom. Flip 'em over, and repeat. The topside usually takes a little less time to brown, but I never stood over 'em with my stopwatch to make sure.

Eat 'em while they're still sizzling hot from the pan. You'll never go near a preformed chicken nugget again. I don't eat meat anymore, but these chicken nuggets are so good, someone should be able to enjoy them even if I can't.

*My little brother Carl wouldn't eat chicken breasts for the longest time. When we finally got around to asking him why, he said "I don't want to eat any chicken nipples." For a while afterwards, we were all pulling the skin off the KFC to try to find the nipple.

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