Thursday, April 10, 2008

Low Country Boil

Low Country Boil
From: swampbear

If you don't have an outdoor cooker, I suggest you buy one just to do this!

2 - 3 pounds of shrimp
Soft shelled crabs (just get a bunch)
5 pounds of new potatoes
6 ears of corn cut in half
2-3 medium sized onions chunked up for flavoring
3-4 pounds of smoked sausage cut in chunks
2 boxes of Crab Boil seasoning (it comes in little pouches)
Enough water to fill your outdoor cooker pot not quite half full. Did I say this was an exact recipe?

You'll want your outdoor cooker on medium heat. Put water in pot with the Crab Boil. Make sure the big strainer thingy that comes with the cooker is in the pot. As soon as it starts to boil, add the potatoes, onions and corn. After about 10 minutes, add the sausage. After another 15 minutes, add the crabs. Wait 10 minutes and add the shrimp. Everything should be done about 5 minutes later. Shrimp does not take long to cook. Lift the strainer thingy out and make sure everything is drained well. Ok, the best way to do this is to spread old newspapers or newsprint on a big table outside and dump everything on it. Stand there and eat! Cold beer is the perfect beverage to accompany this meal.

NOTE 1: The shrimp must be deheaded and deveined. The crab must be deheaded. Both can be bought this way. Then again, I'm spoiled cause I can jump in my truck, throw a couple of coolers on the back and be down in Appalachicola, FL when the shrimpers and crabbers come in with their catch. They happily devein and dehead the critters, and pack 'em down in ice for me to bring home and cook. You can also leave out the crab if they just oogy you, though I can't imagine why that would be.

NOTE 2: A couple of good wooden mallets are great for cracking the crabs open. A little bit of distilled vinegar mixed with a tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning is a great thing to dip the crab meat in. It's good!

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