Thursday, April 10, 2008

Garlic fried chicken, Spanish style (pollo al ajillo)

Garlic fried chicken, Spanish style (pollo al ajillo)
From: Nava

You can use any parts you fancy, but it's common to either get a whole chicken chopped up (no separating the breasts first) or use dark meats.

Items needed:
A frying pan; the oil will jump but don't bother with a lid, if you do it's likely to overcook.
Enough chicken to feed however many people you're feeding: 1/4 per person, unless you're dealing with teenagers (a single teenager can devour a range chicken in its entirety and then start eyeing what's on other people's plates).
Cooking oil.
A few cloves of garlic.
A green pepper (optional).
Long thongs. No, not the underwear kind, which would be a contradiction in terms: the ones you use to grab hot stuff.

Have the chicken cut to small pieces. Wings can go whole or get separated in two bits at the elbow joint; legs get chopped at the knee and then each half gets chopped again; the body gets chopped up in similar-sized pieces.

Put oil in the pan; it shouldn't be so much that the food swims in it, but more than just wetting the pan. Heat it.

When you think it's hot enough, put a clove of garlic in it (if you're going to eat it, peel it; otherwise you don't need to). If it doesn't sizzle, wait a bit more. When it sizzles, add another clove, the whole washed pepper and as much chicken as your pan has room for.

Turn the chicken pieces around a few times so they're golden all over. As they get done, take them out to a plate and add more pieces in. Turn the pepper around too; if you're eating the garlic you shouldn't do it too much. Replace the garlic as needed.

The pepper is usually not eaten (this isn't just my family and our tummy problems, it's a real "usually").

You can use dipping sauces if you want (salsa, mojo verde, mayo, guacamole...) but it's not needed at all.

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