Thursday, April 10, 2008

Microwave Fish

Microwave Fish
From: Nava

a portion of fish (for example, a slice of salmon).
Half a lemon.
A microwave.
A plate.
A microwave cover.
A ladle (metal works well).

Squeeze a bit of lemon on plate. Put unsalted fish on plate. Stick in, on a medium setting, for one minute, covered. Let it rest for two minutes. Flip over. Stick it for another minute. Take it out. It should be done, but check it anyway, specially if it's your first time (you may need to adjust time and settings depending on the microwave and on your idea of a slice). If it isn't, wait a couple minutes before sticking it back in. If it is, move it to the serving plate and salt slightly.

Repeat the process with any other portions.

The waiting times mean that you can actually cycle three portions at the same time, but this means more dishes to wash.

Works well with fishes you'd bake and with flat fishes.

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